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“My entryway and living room were a disaster! I was embarrassed for anyone to come over! I had so much clutter that it was effecting my mental health! Cabri came in and made me feel like I wasn't hopeless and neither was my home! Now I have this very relaxing and organized space that makes me feel very calm when I enter! Thank you so much!”

"When organizing, you are in the driver's seat. 

I am in the passenger seat, with the map!!" - Cabri

Whole Home Decluttering + Organization:

Our team will help walk you through the tough questions to ask to make decluttering a breeze! We will give suggestions and recommendations needed to ease the sorting and organizing process. Our goal is to leave you an organized system that is easy to maintain.

Paper Organization:

Our team can *confidentially* work in-home or off-site to help sort, organize, and file your household papers. Papers can be organized into a system of your choice. 

Moving Help:

Moving soon? Our team can help declutter + pack prior to your big move. We can work alongside your movers to make sure your items are going to the correct location in the new house! We can also help unpack + organize at the new home! We will have your new home settled and organized in no time!

Small business Organization:

After a quick consult, we can access areas in your business that are not streamlined or efficient. We will work side-by-side to create an easy to follow action plan to get your business organized, streamlined, and working efficiently. 


30-60 FREE minute consultation (prior to the first session)

Hours of On-site Organization

Trash haul-off post-session

Donation haul-off post-session

Any additional time spent designing layouts and organizing solutions

Any additional time spent shopping for needed supplies

100% Confidentiality


Hourly Rate (minimum of 4 hours): $320


16 Hour Package Discount:

(SAVE 10%)


$128 in savings! 

32 Hour Package Discount:

(SAVE 15%)


$384 in savings! 

48 Hour Package Discount:

(SAVE 20%)


$768 in savings! 

80 Hour Package Discount:

(SAVE 30%)


$1920 in savings! 

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Professional Organization Services in Lubbock, TX.

​Professional Home Organizer for Lubbock, Texas and the surrounding areas



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