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Ep. 003: Begin decluttering your closet TODAY

This episode is dedicated to decluttering in your closet! These tips are perfect for those on the go with busy lives!

The first one is going to be turning your hangers around. This is a super easy hack essentially to knowing and being able to see what you actually wear on a regular day-to-day basis. So, your hangers are just hung on the rod, no big deal. With this, what we're gonna go through and do is turn everything around backwards. So instead of hanging and hooking your hanger on the front side, you're gonna turn it around and hook it on the backside. Now this is one of my favorite hacks because it is probably the least amount of time commitment that you have to actually put forth in the beginning to see what you're not wearing. What you'll see is that as you take clothes off the hangar, wear it, wash it, and then go to hang it back up, You will actually hang the hangar back up with it hooking on the front like normal. The thing that I ask that you to do after you have turned your hangers around is to set an alarm or add an event on your calendar that will remind you about two to three months from now. Once that alarm or reminder actually goes off, you can go into your closet and see the items that are still turned around backwards or the items that you have not worn.

My second tip is specifically for your shoes. We have so many clients who love their shoes. They have a lot of shoes, but they actually don't wear them. So you're gonna pick a time when you do just normal housework, you're gonna make sure that it's a day that you stay kind of around the house. You're literally gonna just set a timer for five minutes. You're gonna go into your closet, you're gonna pick a pair of shoes, and you're gonna put them on and walk around doing housework, cleaning, picking up, hanging out with your kids, working from home, whatever that situation looks like. You're just gonna do that wearing those. Now. After the five minutes is up, then you can decide, do I actually enjoy these shoes? Are they comfortable? Are they worn? Am I just keeping them for some sort of sentimental reason? Will I wear them in the future? Are they in style? Have they gone outta style? You're gonna ask yourself all these questions and essentially you're gonna come to a conclusion on, do I actually wanna keep these because I'm going to wear or am I going to get rid of them? Because no longer interested? Either way works. But you'll do that for five minutes and then when that five minute timers up, you'll go put on another pair of shoes and repeat the process. Now what happens most of the time is when you are being forced to put on the shoes and wear them, you are very quickly reminded on why you love or hate those shoes.

My third hack is a fun decluttering exercise that takes a little bit more time, but essentially what you're gonna do is you're gonna take a piece of paper and write out all of the categories that you wear on a normal day-to-day basis. Ask yourself, How many t-shirts do I actually need? How many dresses do I actually need? How many. Jackets and pullovers? There's gonna be a number that pops into your head or your heart, or something that just feels right to you. Write that number down. Then once you have that number written down on your piece of paper, you're gonna take your piece of paper and go into your closet. In your closet, you're gonna actually count how many items in each category you have. Do this process with each category, and if you have more than what you put on your piece of paper, you're just going to declutter the items that you don't like.

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