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Ep. 002: What is Home Organization? From Hoarders to The Home Edit

We are kicking off this podcast with a quick intro into what home organization is and its industry developments over the last couple years!

If you don't have a basic understanding of Home organization, its literally just the process and the concept of us going through decluttering, organizing your home, creating systems, labeling, and making sure that the whole family is on the same page. Really it is a opportunity to streamline and create a stress-free life for you.

About 20 years ago if you were watching hoarders on tv, you normally saw somebody who was struggling with hoarding. You would also see a professional organizer come in to help them get rid of things and declutter. And then you might also see like a therapist or some sort of specialist counselor in that area. And then of course, if it was bad enough, you would see like a hazmat team or a cleanup crew come through to help them get rid of all of those types of things. That was the first time I had any sort of exposure to what home organization was. And that the fact that there was people who would pay you to come in and help you organize your house.

So fast forward a little bit more on the industry as a whole. Over the last couple years, we've seen a lot more growth. We've seen a lot more people enter the industry partially because of things like The Home Edit, if you're familiar with the home edit on Instagram or their show on Netflix. We also had another home organizer, Marie Kondo. She also has a show on Netflix, and there's just been a couple of those big hit professional organizers that kind of help put everything on the map. So it's really kind of changed over the last three to five years versus what you may have seen 20 years ago on Hoarders.

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